L O A D I N G . . .
  • Client: Artisans in the cosmetic industry
  • Project Type: Web application
  • Technology Used: Airtable
  • Project Duration: 1 month
  • Project Description: Logiswap is a web application designed for artisans in the cosmetics industry, particularly those making cosmetic products or soaps. It addresses significant challenges in stock management and recipe tracking, as these products often require several weeks to cure. The interface allows users to track recipe creation and live stock levels, ensuring they can easily manage inventory and place new orders when stock runs low. This solution simplifies the workflow for artisans, making stock management more efficient.
  • Business Model: A tool to streamline inventory and recipe management for artisans in the cosmetics industry.
  • Technical Specificities: Developed using Airtable, the app provides real-time tracking of stock and recipes, facilitating efficient inventory replenishment and management.