L O A D I N G . . .
    • Project Type: Mobile application
    • Technology Used: Bubble
    • Project Duration: 3 months
    • Project Description: Colors is a decentralized VTC (ride-hailing) mobile application similar to Uber, but with a unique twist. It leverages clubs, allowing establishments like hotels and fine restaurants to have their own clubs. Customers can book rides based on club membership, with premium criteria such as heated seats and baby seats. The application also includes a professional app for drivers and club managers to handle income and other administrative tasks.
    • Business Model: Decentralized VTC service with premium ride options, including specialized club memberships.
    • Technical Specificities: Developed using Bubble, the app includes features for both customer and professional use, offering ride booking, premium options, and income management.
    • Project URL: https://colors-club.com